Sachiko Kodama, Solo Exhibition at Input/Output Gallery, Hong Kong: 2/Dec/2011-19/Feb/2012

The colorful 'Morpho Tower' is a new piece in my 'Morpho Tower' series.
This work conceptualized as an gorganic towerh like a plant or an animal.
The metal tower part is painted pink gold / gold / white.
The magnetic fluid, with a smooth black surface that seems to draw you in,
reaches the top of the tower, spreading like a fractal, defying gravity.
The form and texture of the physical surface of the tower constantly
alter between the hard iron core and the changing form of soft fluid.
This is a dynamic sculpture, with reactable fluid surface.

Sachiko Kodama, at the beginning of 2012.

Title: Morpho Tower - BG, Pink, Gold
Year:2011 Edition:10
Size: W18*D18*H31cm, 18kg Magnetic Fluid, Iron, Plastic, Glass Dome Control Unit Box(W26*D18*H5cm)
 2011(c)Sachiko Kodama

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