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New 'Planet' series:

Exhibitions 2014:
- Paris, Gallery DA-END: ANKOKU Dark Matters - November 8th through December 20th, 2014.

-USA, 'Ferrofluid Apple' and 'Morpho Tower' are now exhibited in the 'Boundless Fantasy: Multimedia Art from East Asia', Stony Brook University, Charles B. Wang Center, Zodiac Lobby Gallery March 12– May 31, 2014.

-Shanghai, 'Ferrofluid Sculpture Garden' in the 'Design Shanghai 2013: Aesthetics City Exhibition' at the Power Station of Art, Dec 3, 2013- March 30, 2014.

Exhibitions 2013 (Selected):
-Tokyo, 'Art in Wonderland' exhibit, The Ueno Royal Museum, (September 6 - October 6, 2013)

'Natures Artificielles' exhibition, traveled to Créteil and Lille (France).

-Brussels, Turbulencies II , Villa Empain, (February 28 - September 1, 2013)

-Japan, 'Aomori Earth 2013', Aomori Museum of Art, (July 27 - August 25, 2013)

-Miyazaki(Japan):'Protrude, Flow'(2001, Sachiko Kodama, Minako Takeno) was exhibited at a group exhibition held in the Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum (Apr 28 - June 2, 2013)

-Göteborg(Sweden): Silver 'Morpho Tower' is exhibited at "We are in complete control" exhibit at the 3:e Våningen (Apr 25 - May 19, 2013)

-France (Maubeuge): 'Morpho Towers/Two Standing Spirals (Black Box)' was exhibited at 'Natures Artificielles' exhibition (Mar 14 -24, 2013)

-Yokohama(Japan):'Morpho Tower ships' were exhibited at Hamagin Space Science Center (Mar 23 - Apr 7, 2013)

-Yamanashi(Japan):'Protrude, Flow'(2001) was exhibited at Japan Media Arts Festifal (Jan 13-20, 2013)

Exhibitions in 2012 (Selected)

-Turbulences | Espace Culturel LOUIS VUITTON,  21 June-16 September 2012.

-Sachiko Kodama 'Breathing Chaos' Video Screening at HCFA, London.(2/Aug/2012)

-Sachiko Kodama Solo Exhibition, Agora Art Project x Space, Taipei (26/May-30/June/2012)

-Art Rock Festival:Pavillon des Arts Numériques, Musée de Saint-Brieuc(May/25-27/2012)

-Teddy Lo, Sachiko Kodama, Ryota Kuwakubo, 'Transmurtation' exhibition, Highline Loft, New York, Mar/7-15/2012

-Media Geijutsu Exhibition at GYRE in Shibuya, Tokyo (25/Jan/2012-7/Feb/2012)

Exhibitions in 2011 (Selected)

-Sachiko Kodama Solo Exhibiton, Input/Output Gallery, Hong Kong(2/Dec/2011-19/Feb/2012)

-Sachiko Kodama 'My Little Sea' at NC Soft 'Creative Fountain' (Curator:Art Center Nabi), Seoul.

-'Close your eyes and tell me what you see' exhibit, at GÖTEBORGS KONSTMUSEUM( Sweden), Observatoriet, Vårdberget, Åbo(22/Sep-30/Nov/2011, Finland)

-'Left to my own devices' exhibit at INSPACE,4/Aug-4/Sep/2011, Scotland.

-Art Futura XXI, Spain

-'Light of Art' exhibit, Malios Morioka, and Takehara museum in Hiroshima, Japan

- 'Device art collection' exhibit (a group exhibition with device art project members) started at Miraikan, Japan

-Morpho Tower was shown at CHANEL's J12 watch events in Paris/Tokyo/New York.


-Sachiko Kodama studio sells her art works, but also has been licensing her works to science museums in the world. Please contact to info (at) sachikokodama (dot) com or our lab in case you would like to use her art works in exhibitions or other commercial purposes.

-In this March(2013), I made a lecture on Media Art at USTC (University of Science and Technology of China).

-Magnetic Appeal:Sachiko Kodama Sets the Lows of Attraction (Interview of Sachiko Kodama by Maha Majzoub, RAGMAG, Jan 2012)

-I am happy to know WIRED has introduced my 'Morpho Towers' in their blogs many times. I hope people never forget my 'Protrude, Flow' video (creation year 2001, the work was introduced in WIRED magagine in their 2001 issue), the first ferrofluid mind blowing movie (the ferrofluid goes up from a plate, then makes a flower like shape) in the world. I do not know how many people tried to follow the 'Protrude, Flow'(2001) and 'Breathing Choas' (2004).

-Björk (Ed.) The 200th issue of Dazed & Confused,(2011/July) introduced 'Protrude, Flow'.

Exhibitions in 2010 (Selected)

-Sachiko Kodama 'Invisible Garden' at Miraikan Museum(Tokyo), 1/Dec/2010-11/Mar/2011.

-Poetry of Motion - External Exhibition Ars Electronica
(Automobilforum Unter den Linden, Berlin) 25/Jun - 5/Sep/2010

-Japan Media Arts Festival in Istanbul 2010
(Pera Museum, Istanbul ) 6/Aug-3/Oct/2010

-Cyber Arts Japan (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) 2/Feb-22/Mar/2010

- Silicon Dreams: Art, Science and Technology in the European Union (Tabakalera, San Sebastián) 9/Feb-21/Mar/2010

-Morpho Tower was shown at The Armory Show 2010 (New York), Art Chicago 2010 with NEXT, Chelsea Art Museum, in collaboration with Acura ZDX design team.



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