Title: Equilibrium Point (2003)

New Piece! On this page, we show the original plan for the adult version of <Equilibrium Point>This plan was rearranged for children and exhibited in a new museum in Okinawa Children's Land. In late December, the version for children will be complete. (Photographs are not available at this time) .The difference between the original and the version for children is mostly in the software.

Concept of Art;

<Equilibrium Point>is an interactive art using the more sophisticated techniques of <Protrude, Flow>, appealing to the structure itself. A brass plate is hanging with four wires. Inside the plate, magnetic fluid moves slowly, and the pointed end of its shape moves toward an equilibrium point where magnetism, gravity, and environmental sound equilibrate. When reaching the equilibrium point, fluid moves dynamically. This work utilizes stoic silence, in contrast to dynamically chaotic movements.


Plan: (Click to Larger image.)

CG by Sate



This piece is composed of:

Magnetic Fluid, Electro Magnets, Iron, Copper, Brass, Wire, Sound Meter, Micro computer and Power Sources, PC, Stereo Speakers


Size: W450 * D450 * H900 mm


Maintenance: Please see <Protrude, Flow> Series Maintainance Manual.



------------------------------------------------------2003(c)Sachiko Kodama+Minako Takeno